Mark Meadows twists the knife against Donald Trump

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When Mark Meadows took the Trump White House Chief of Staff job, I thought he was just screwing himself. He gave up a House seat he could have kept forever. He ruined whatever reputation he did have. And he committed so many crimes in Trump’s name during those final months in the White House, he punched himself a surefire ticket to prison.

Meadows seemed so steadfastly loyal to Trump, Meadows would never cut a deal and testify against him, right? But then came the U.S. Court of Appeals ruling two months ago that said Meadows had to give at least some testimony against Trump, deal or no deal. This meant Meadows would have been immediately hauled off to a cell for contempt of court if he didn’t testify. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Meadows did indeed testify against Trump to the grand jury – in both the classified documents and January 6th probes.

In the end, Mark Meadows decided to twist the knife against Donald Trump rather than spend much of the rest of his life in prison. For all we know Meadows might still be going to prison. We don’t know if he’s cut a cooperation deal for his full testimony. We don’t know if such a deal would include full immunity. All we know is that Meadows gave some testimony against Trump, and that it was enough for the courts not to have him immediately dragged away. But one way or the other, Meadows chose himself over Trump. It’s funny how Republican politicians always end up doing that when it comes down to it – even to each other.

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