Marjorie Taylor Greene just made a mess for the Republicans in the Ohio Senate race

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Ohio is golden. It is at the heart of the midwest and personifies the term “all-American.” Ohio has many cities as well as small farming communities and plenty of suburbs.

It has Cleveland and the Rock-N-Roll hall of fame. It has Senator Sherrod Brown. Yes, there is much to love about Ohio.

Ohio also has a bunch of squealing and unhinged little pigs who are, right now, eviscerating each other as they throw their verbal punches and brim with fake compliments for the Lord of the lies — Donald Trump.

The Republican Senatorial primary battle in Ohio gives new meaning to the word “dirty.” I have rarely seen a race that has already become so riddled with sleaze – and I’ve seen many races.

The two little animals receiving the most attention are Josh Mandel and JD Vance.

Both of them are terrible in different ways. And both of them are seemingly doing cartwheels as they breathlessly and piggishly compete for the treasured honor of Assolini’s endorsement.

“Pick me. No-pick me. Please!”

The muck-raking hasn’t stopped for a minute.

And making matters even more ornery, the human basket case, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has just endorsed Vance — causing him to purr like a kitten (he hates cats) as he blissfully tweeted out his appreciation while labeling people in power as “scumbags.”

But amidst the pigpen, a quiet balm to the crazy stands.

His name is Tim Ryan. He is an Ohio Congressman. He is a good person — a good egg. And he is running for the Senate on our team.

Ohio is winnable. It is incredibly winnable, especially if the muddy and bruising fight between the GOP loonies on the GOP side continues.

Consider following Tim Ryan. Consider donating to Tim Ryan. He’s a good man and will make a great Senator. But we need to open the barn and let him in. Let’s do it.

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