Marjorie Taylor Greene is completely off her rocker

While Georgia did a good job in electing Senators Warnock and Ossoff, another part of Georgia did an unbelievably bad job of electing Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is one of the most despicable members of Congress. Her rhetoric helped to incite the riot, and she introduced an article of impeachment against President Joe Biden for alleged crimes during his vice presidency. Greene is completely certifiable. CNN has now told us just how despicable and certifiable the woman really is by revealing her behavior prior to her run for Congress. In response to CNN’s piece, Greene has already made a post on her Facebook page claiming — wait for it — “others” manage her page. This sounds about like Loeffler and Purdue claiming they turn their millions over to others to trade for them with no input. The thing to keep in mind is that Greene was not a member of Congress in 2018 and 2019, so these posts likely came from a personal page that she has now dismantled.

According to CNN, it was not unusual to see conspiracy theories on Greene’s page. Her page frequently featured far-right extremist garbage and crazy QAnon theories that, as CNN puts it, “casts former president Donald Trump in an imagined battle against a sinister cabal of Democrats and celebrities who abuse children.” Oh, boy. Greene seems better suited to write horror stories than terrorizing America with her so-called representation. CNN shared a variety of the posts that Greene “liked” from others, such as removing Nancy Pelosi with “a bullet to the head” and posts that spoke of executing FBI agents, whom they all see as the enemy thanks to Trump and his irresponsible rhetoric. Greene went way beyond “liking” posts.

CNN reported that in April 2018, Greene wrote about the Iran Deal on her page, and when one of her “friends” asked if they “get to hang H&O” (Hillary and Obama), Greene responded: “Stage is being set. Players are being put in place. We must be patient. This must be done perfectly or liberal judges would let them off.” Seriously? This woman has a seat in our government. What does this say about the people who support her? All you need do is look at the counties her district covers, and you get it. As stated earlier, Greene maintained to CNN that she had “teams of people” managing her pages “over the years.” Keep in mind that this is before she ran for office, so what type of “pages” did she have other than a personal page, and how many of us who have pages have “teams of people” running those pages? What a crock.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a member of Congress for only a short time, and it has taken her no time to become embroiled in controversy. CNN reported that survivors of the Parkland shooting called for her resignation after learning of her 2018 comments calling the shooting a “false flag.” Perhaps some people enjoy controversy, but those people have no place in our government, especially Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is both a local and national embarrassment.

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