Befuddled child Marco Rubio goes off the deep end

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Now that Trump has been destroyed, various Republican Senators are reacting in the way you’d expect. Some are pretending they never propped him up to begin with. Some of them are auditioning to be the fascist heir apparent. Then there’s the befuddled child, Marco Rubio.

Rubio has always come off as a ten year old, standing on stilts, hiding them with a trench coat, and hoping no one notices that he doesn’t fit in with the adults around him. But while he’s a child, he’s also fully aware that he helped create Trump’s reign of terror.

Rubio always told himself he was fine with the destruction, treason, and death that Trump brought, because it meant Rubio’s side was winning. But now the bubble has burst, and Rubio is having to admit to himself that he helped facilitate all that destruction for nothing.

Rubio’s tweets this past week reveal that he’s still desperate to pretend that he has the high ground, but he’s unable to even convince himself of that, let alone anyone else. And that internal struggle seems to be driving him mad.

Rubio has been on the verge before. In 2016 he was reduced to standing on stage and repeating the same rehearsed line over and over again, cracking under the pressure and malfunctioning on the most basic level. Then he announced he was quitting politics, before changing his mind.

But this time Rubio knows he has blood on his hands. He’s a traitor, a murderer. He has just enough of a conscience that it’s bothering him, but not enough of a conscience to take responsibility, and too little intellect to figure out how to split the difference.

The conservative establishment wants Marco Rubio to run for president again in 2024, but at this rate he’ll be lucky if he keeps his senate seat in 2022. And he may well self destruct before that. He’s simply too soft to handle the mass murder and treason he knows he participated in. It’s eating him alive, and he deserves it.

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