Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago meltdown

Donald Trump knows full well that once he’s booted from office in three weeks, it’s a matter of time before New York State indicts and arrests him. He appears to be planning to try to convince the judge to let him serve house arrest at Mar-a-Lago in Florida while awaiting trial. The trouble is, he’s already finding a way to be miserable there.

Trump began renovations at Mar-a-Lago immediately after he lost the election, in an apparent attempt at strengthening his homestead claim there. But it turns out he hates the renovations, and he’s been rather loudly and angrily blaming Melania for it, to anyone who will listen.


It appears Donald Trump is rapidly reaching the point where he’s so unhappy with his rapidly shattering life, he’s now griping about everything he encounters. If he’s melting down about Mar-a-Lago now, just wait until he ends up under home confinement there while awaiting trial.

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