Donald Trump is maniacally out of control

The pundits who spent the past week insisting that the Iran thing was somehow going to magically help Donald Trump’s 2020 odds? Here’s hoping they’re a little quieter next week, because they’ve – predictably – turned out to have been entirely wrong. The Iran thing isn’t just blowing up in Trump’s face, it’s escalating against him in real time, to the point that he’s now threatening two countries in the region.

On Sunday, the Parliament of Iraq voted to expel the U.S. military from its country. This means Donald Trump has blown this so badly, Iraq has decided to firmly side with its traditional enemy Iran over the United States. This also means that Iran now has even more leverage over Trump. So on Sunday evening, Trump announced that if Iraq doesn’t relent, he’ll hit the country with massive economic sanctions. That’s right, Trump is now threatening to cripple a key U.S. ally with sanctions.

This is deranged beyond words. Donald Trump is maniacally out of control. He’s gone from committing one of the dumbest mistakes in the modern history of the presidency by taking out Soleimani to begin with, to then threatening to commit war crimes against civilians in Iran, to then losing Iraq as an ally, to now making idiotic threats against Iraq.

This is also further proof that Trump has already lost his Iran gambit. This isn’t something that was ever going to magically gain him a single vote. But it’s quickly dissolved into the kind of debacle that’s so embarrassing, it could end up driving his poll numbers even lower. For that matter, there’s the very real scenario in which he ends up getting impeached again, for refusing to notify the Gang of Eight, and for threatening war crimes.

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