Donald Trump is making a huge mistake, and we should all be encouraging him to go through with it

Forty days to go! Are you registered? Have you signed up for absentee voting? Do you have your lawn chair in the back of the car, ready to go sit at the polls? After the events of the past few days, we’re betting you’ve got your plan in place. The latest debacle is Trump not promising a peaceful transfer of power. He wants to throw out ballots and continue as President. Of course, he does! And you know what? This is the best thing for our democracy.

The most effective counterintelligence ploy is the bait and switch. When Trump loses, he’ll deploy his vassal Bill Barr and the DOJ to throw out any and all ballots he can in order to change the numbers. Very few will be disqualified but this will take an enormous wasted effort. It will be all-consuming and totally take Trump’s focus off of doing further damage to our country.

Additionally, he could be in the middle of another impeachment, which will drain him also. Great! He won’t be able to nuke someone. He’ll also need a lot of golf and rallies to soothe his wounded ego after he was booed showing his respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Fabulous! Cheer him on! Watch him go to those rallies! Preach to that choir! Import all that tea to China and coals to New Castle! While we feel for the MAGAts who are going to fall ill and die from his rallies, the Republican cry of “Personal choice!” echoes in our ears.

After Trump loses, we will have another vigil waiting until January 20, 2021. Let Trump be as full of pointless distractions as we can throw at him during this time. Then when Biden is seated, we’ll let nature – or in this case, the New York AG – take its course. Keep at it, patriots. In those weeks between the election and inauguration, let’s keep his focus on him. As we’ve pointed out now for years, he’s not very bright and his narcissism makes him utterly stupid. Keep his outrage on the least effective ploy: overturning a Biden win. Now is not the time for fear. Now is the time for hope and joy. See you at the polls.

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