Robert Mueller makes his move

After Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s letter to William Barr surfaced just in time to change the entire parameters of Barr’s congressional testimony about the Mueller report, Palmer Report predicted that Mueller would soon take control of the situation entirely. We simply didn’t know what that would look like. Now it turns out Mueller has just taken a big step in the name of taking over the process.

Because Robert Mueller is still technically a Department of Justice employee โ€“ or at least he was as of a couple days ago โ€“ Congress is supposed to go through his boss in order to schedule Mueller to testify. But NBC News just reported that Mueller is now negotiating directly with House Democrats about testifying. This is a big deal for two reasons.

First, it means that Robert Mueller no longer considers himself beholden to William Barr or Donald Trump’s DOJ on any level. Did Mueller just resign without announcing it? Is he planning to resign any minute now? We don’t know yet. But we do know that Mueller clearly doesn’t believe that he answers to the DOJ anymore.

Second, the key words in this NBC report are “House Democrats.” If this is completely accurate, it means Robert Mueller is only looking at testifying before the House โ€“ and he’s not interested in testifying before the Senate, where the committees are all controlled by Trump’s Republican sycophants. Mueller may have made this decision after watching how Trump puppet Lindsey Graham tried to make such a mess of yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. In any case, Mueller is making his move.

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