Major CEO tells Donald Trump to go to hell

A new voice stepped into the Trump racism fray: Joe Kaeser. Kaeser is the CEO of Siemens, and he is not happy with Donald Trump according to CNN. Kaeser took to Twitter to display his disgust for the American “president,” saying that “President Donald Trump is becoming a symbol of intolerance” in response to Trump’s attack on the Squad. Hopefully, more business executives will follow suit, and this article hints at just that.

Just as many voters thought Trump, as a businessman, would be good for our country, corporate leaders were extremely optimistic about his election. They assumed he would be a partner because of his business experience and his desire to cut business taxes while weakening regulations that they felt were holding them down. They did get their tax cuts, but many have been turned off by his racist rhetoric, his focus on immigration, his divisiveness, and his trade war with China. For Kaeser, this issue hit close to home.

In 2018, Kaeser penned an open letter to his employees in Saxony, Germany following a protest by anti-immigration demonstrators who were photographed giving the Nazi salute, which has been outlawed in Germany. Too bad we don’t have the same law here. This type of propaganda is not only hateful, it is evil. Kaeser didn’t stop there. He publicly criticized a German lawmaker, stating that his nationalism would harm the country’s prosperity. Is Trump listening? I seriously doubt it, but that is the issue here as well. The more that Trump alienates people, the more harm it does to our country. Trump also reminds Kaeser of a time when Germany had to battle someone he sees as similar: Adolph Hitler. “Nobody spoke up,” said Kaeser. “Then, it was too late.” There’s not a lot of hope that someone will speak up in the U.S. before it’s too late.

Trump’s inappropriate behavior continues to reverberate around the world as both British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have both publicly stated that Trump’s comments are “completely unacceptable.” Merkel went on to say that she “stands in solidarity” with the members of the Squad during her summer press conference according to CNBC. Merkel also pointed out that the U.S. strength lies in its diversity. How many times will it take for Trump to hear that for it to get through his obviously thick skull? Unfortunately, he will never hear it. Perhaps, however, if business and world leaders continue to turn against him and his racist, divisive rhetoric, it might strike a chord with him, though that is hard to imagine.

It is painfully obvious that Trump is not only a racist, he’s stupid. Surely, he has noticed all the uproar about his statements, yet he continues to fan the flames, calling the Squad “a very Racist group of troublemakers who are young, inexperienced, and not very smart.” The funny thing about that statement is that it accurately describes him, with the exception of the word “young.” Trump thinks he’s smart but is nothing more than an imposter. He is merely displaying his own insecurities. Hopefully, he won’t totally destroy our country before he becomes just another bad memory.

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