Susan Collins’ sellout vote on Brett Kavanaugh is already blowing back on Maine

There’s a very long list of Republican Senators who can be blamed for putting screaming lunatic and alleged serial sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. But for reasons as of yet known only to her, GOP Senator Susan Collins made a point of taking the lion’s share of the blame when she gave a bizarre speech announcing her “yes” vote, even while rambling off insane conspiracy theories and trying to alienate as many people as possible. Now her antics are already blowing back on the people of Maine.

For instance, restaurant owner John Tesar has decided to take hundreds of thousands of dollars in seafood business away from the state of Maine, in direct response to Susan Collins’ sellout vote, according to The Hill. We’ll likely see plenty more of this – and in fact we’ve seen something similar succeed before.

The point here is not to punish the people of Maine out of spite, but rather to make clear to them that they need to vote Susan Collins out of office when she’s up for reelection in 2020. This evokes memories of when Republicans in North Carolina passed a ridiculous “bathroom bill” aimed at discriminating against transgender people. In response, people and businesses from around the nation pulled their business from North Carolina. What’s different here is that people are launching an economic boycott against Maine not to try to force the overturn of a bad law, but instead to force the overthrow of a bad politician. If the boycotts keep up, the people of Maine could end up calling for Collins to resign now, rather than waiting until the 2020 election.

Susan Collins doesn’t seem to be handling things well as the backlash against her continues. For instance, after former Obama White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice announced that she might run against Collins in the 2020 race, Collins promptly launched a dishonest attack on her. However, Rice quickly fired back and set the record straight, as did others.