MAGA world completely loses it after midterm disaster

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“They cheated.” “Anyone see how Walker was ahead, and then a second later Warnock was?” “They cheated.” “Democrats cheat.” “Cheating. It’s what they do.” I have a theory, friends, and readers. And that theory is the following: We need a new mandatory subject matter for school curriculums. That subject matter is critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking — “the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.” Sounds simple enough, right? Why, then, do so many seem to struggle with the very nature of critical thinking?

The comments above are just less than one percent of what’s swirling around in the ether. And they really do show that many in Maga land have never come face to face with critical thinking skills in their lives.

Asking questions to gain knowledge and make better decisions is such an important factor in virtually everything we do. It does make me wonder how some in Maga land even function. Maga often questions why they are called “cult members.” One of the reasons might be because of their lack of critical thinking skills.

To accept blindly — what the voices in your head tell you without looking at the bigger picture — without applying logic or reason — makes for a very lonely life indeed. I bet if one asked some of these people what evidence they had of any cheating in elections, they might say something like this:

“It’s the only way they can win.”


“The numbers changed in the middle of the night.”

It is rather astonishing, isn’t it? And those answers above ARE what many in the Maga world said. I saw these comments myself. I do not think responding with “the numbers change because people count them, and it’s a close race” would ever satisfy them. They have no deductive reasoning powers. They can see only what they want to see. And what they apparently want to see is chaos.

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