MAGA hits the panic button as it’s revealed Merrick Garland has been doing his job all along

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Attorney General Merrick Garland is doing his job as we knew he was all along. May I confess something? I have been an ardent admirer of Garland’s since well before he was chosen by President Biden to head the Department of Justice. He is who we needed, and I am filled with gratitude that we have him.

Some people aren’t. Some people are not smiling. Some are engaged right now, this very second, in a primitive meltdown that has to be seen to be believed “But — but — but — WHAT ABOUT ANTIFA?” It is the primitive cries of Maga, of course — what else COULD it be?

The Antifa question is one that Maga loves putting forward to Democrats. I suppose in their warped minds; they really believe there IS an Antifa. As I once wrote, I tested Maga. I engaged with a few of them, and when they turned to their predictable Antifa narratives, I said this: “I condemn ALL violence by anyone. Do you?” No reply.

You see, this is the Straw Man’s argument. It can’t work because it isn’t real, but that hasn’t stopped Maga from making it. Here are a few more Maga morsels for your viewing pleasure:

“Garland’s destroying our country!!”

“Garland is lawless and needs to be impeached.”

Garland’s either been blackmailed or bribed.”

“Abhorrent Garland behavior.”

“Traitors are not a joke!”

This is the cult, people. This is the cult of Maga. And being a cult, they think anyone who speaks a word against them is a traitor. Such typical cult behavior, isn’t it?

I have seen a million (maybe a billion) questions on what we do about Maga. I do not presume to have all the answers, but I do know their numbers have decreased and will likely continue to decrease.

But sadly, we can’t put them back inside the box. All we can do is win and keep the GOP out of power and in the darkness where they belong. And if we do that, most of Maga will follow.

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