MAGA begins turning against a collapsing Donald Trump

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The red wave sort of went belly-up. And the chatter has already started. Pundits, with those dopey looks on their faces. All the mock amazement. And — Maga. Maga isn’t taking this well. And they are, interestingly enough, doing some soul-searching — well — they would be if they had souls.

But on forlorn Maga message boards, the mood is grim. Many of them are just trying to make sense of it all. Some are in complete denial. But some -are doing something remarkable. They’re turning on Donald Trump.

I kid you not. The following comments are all real and taken from corners of the internet that Maga currently inhabits. And it was utterly fascinating to watch.

“This should be a signal that Trump needs to go.”

“Red wave did not happen. Fox and NewsMax need to do some soul-searching. Let’s back DeSantis.”

“Trump cannot be the nominee for 2024.”

“The truth is Trump makes many unforced errors with his mouth and gives the woke easy targets.”

“If we nominate trump in 2024, we’ll lose.”

“I liked trump, voted for him, but I don’t think he’s what we need in 2024.”

“Looks like most of the republicans Trump endorsed will lose.”

“The kind-maker is no more.”

“Something very bad happened in last few weeks. Trump had those rallies and reminded women about roe.”

“Red wave goodbye.”

“America was so afraid of Trump candidates they voted for Dems.”

My favorite: “He cost us the senate and at least three governor races. He’s toxic, and we’ll never win until he goes away.”

I must admit I had a field day reading some of these responses. And that isn’t even a quarter of them. The bottom line is Trump is an albatross, and everybody BUT Maga has always known it. And now it would appear that even some in the Maga world are coming to the horrible realization that their beloved emperor has no clothes whatsoever.

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