Looks like the House Oversight Committee just nailed Louis DeJoy

When Trump Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told several blatant lies during his Senate testimony this past week, Palmer Report pointed out that he’d just created a huge opening for House Democrats. In fact we predicted that before the weekend was over, the House would inform DeJoy that it has him nailed for perjury, in the hope that the specter of a criminal referral would scare him into coming clean during his House testimony on Monday.

As if on cue, the House Oversight Committee has announced this afternoon that it has internal Post Office documents in its possession which confirm that DeJoy was recently briefed on significant across-the-board slowdowns in mail delivery. This evidence proves DeJoy was lying when he told the Senate that mail delivery hadn’t slowed down.

The primary goal here isn’t to send DeJoy to prison for perjury, though that would be a nice bonus. The goal is to make DeJoy realize that he’s going to get hit with a criminal referral for perjury, which will send him to prison if Trump loses the election, so that DeJoy will become scared enough to come clean during his testimony and cave on everything.

We recently saw the House use this tactic with great success against Donald Trump henchman Gordon Sondland. He got caught lying during his initial testimony, but then after the House informed him that it had him nailed, Sondland testified a second time and came clean about everything. Louis DeJoy, like Sondland, is a political neophyte who is in way over his head. We’ll see what happens on Monday.

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