Looks like Michael Cohen just took down a key Donald Trump – Bill Barr henchman

In early 2020, Michael Cohen was released from prison to home confinement in accordance with COVID protocols. But when he revealed that he was publishing a Trump tell-all book, the Trump DOJ suddenly tossed him back in prison. Then a judge swiftly ruled that the move was retaliatory in nature, and had Cohen moved back to home confinement.

Michael Cohen is now a free man, his book “Disloyal” became a number one New York Times bestseller, and his podcast “Mea Culpa” has become very popular in its own right. Cohen also very recently filed a civil suit against Trump, Barr, and Barr’s handpicked Bureau of Prisons director Michael Carvajal, for having violated his rights. Notably, while Trump and Barr are out of power, Carvajal has managed to hang onto his job – until now.


The Associated Press is now reporting that Carvajal has decided to resign. Given the obvious timing, Michael Cohen’s civil suit almost has to have been a factor in Carvajal’s decision to cut and run. So Cohen has scored a swift win here already. Carvajal’s time in power was marked by one abusive scandal after another, so his departure is not just a win for Cohen, but for the nation. Now we’ll see if Cohen’s civil suit ultimately turns up enough evidence to help spur criminal charges against Carvajal, Barr, and Trump.

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