Look at who Donald Trump is taking down with him

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Uh-oh. Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Could a boycott be upon us? Whispers of this boycott are starting to brew. They haven’t bubbled to the surface yet, but they are indeed percolating, which signals VERY bad news for the GOP. The boycott instigators? Donald Trump and Kari Lake.

Let’s start with Trump. Donald Trump posted to truth social. This post says no “true Trump supporter” would EVER vote for DeSantis if he is the GOP nominee for president. Now, I personally think DeSantis will NOT be the nominee. Ron DeSantis may be in a rubber room. He may move into Disney and refuse to leave. He may win the award for least charismatic. But I DOUBT he will be the GOP nominee.

That doesn’t matter, though, because if Trump would post this about DeSantis, he’d post it about Tim Scott or Mike Pence or ANYONE who became the nominee other than him. And this message basically sends a message to his supporters: don’t vote Republican unless it’s me.

Added to the boycott mix is an insane ingredient — Kari Lake. The failed gubernatorial candidate from Arizona is reportedly demanding DeSantis wait until 2028 to run for president — not that anybody takes anything Lake says seriously. But all of this is leading to yet another headache for the GOP. And that headache is:

What if Trump and company demand supporters stay home in 2024? What then? This is an unfolding story I will be watching with great interest. And it’s also not unlikely that Trump will destroy his own party’s chances in 2024.

After all — we know Trump is incapable of letting anyone else have the spotlight — even potentially from prison. If some other Republicans nabs the nomination, what will that do to Trump’s psyche? It will TORMENT him. It will make him fume. I highly doubt Trump, a malignant narcissist, will turn around and say graciously: “Everyone vote for DeSantis.” Or Pence. Or Haley.

No, traitors will be traitors. It is more likely Trump will order his base not to vote. What a hoot THAT would be. But it seems possible. And really, it would teach Republicans quite a lesson. After all, imagine the GOP brought down by the one they sacrificed everything for. It could happen because, as you know, Trump Giveth — and he Taketh away — particularly toward scared, trembling cowards like the ones that make up his own party.

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