Liz Cheney takes the fight to Jim Jordan

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There are few things in life that are as satisfying as watching Jim Jordan get eviscerated. Don’t you agree? And it happened during the vote to hold Mark Meadows in contempt of congress.

Looking a bit deranged, Jordan did his best to stick up for his guy Meadows. Gushingly defending his pal, I was somewhat surprised Jordan didn’t nominate him for Sainthood. Jordan sunk deep into his rant, letting its wings carry him across the line of sanity into deep, deep unwellness. Becoming more hysterical by the moment, Jordan began hurling accusations at Democrats.

Somehow, bizarrely, the fact that Democrats want Washington DC to become the 51 state found its way into the belligerent ravings of Jordan as well. Jordan also accused democrats of plotting to destroy “executive privilege.”

Oh, dear. Fortunately, Liz Cheney was on it. And unlike Jimmy-boy, Lady Liz does not have to scream to get her point across. Cheney serenely went through each of the manic Jordan’s (points?) and demolished all of them.

Not content merely to be the conscience of Jordan, Cheney also read back Kevin McCarthy’s statement on January 13, where he placed the blame on President Trump. It was one for the ages. “Unfortunately, Mr. McCarthy’s position changed on this issue,” she said sweetly.

Once again, I will reiterate I agree with Cheney on literally nothing politically, but if I were ever in trouble, I’d want her on my side. At the time of this writing, no word on Jordan’s psychological condition after the Cheney smack-down.

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