Lindsey Graham has a real problem

While Donald Trump’s racism has been making the headlines a lot in the last few weeks, he’s hardly the only politician to embrace it – and use it to the detriment of other people’s lives. On Thursday, Trump sycophant Lindsey Graham decided not to be outdone by his boss, so he used a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee to change the rules and make it harder for Democrats serving on the committee to stop his own piece of self-serving legislation – a bill that would allow the government to get away with detaining migrant children for up to 100 days, five times the current legal limit.

For Graham, who regularly golfs with Trump, it’s almost as though he’s hoping he can take on some of the rightful criticism the Trump administration gets on a daily basis for its inhumane border policies. This is hardly a one-off incident. In the past, Graham has insisted that the people awaiting trial in the facilities are dangerous criminals and has even openly announced that a border wall would be ineffective in keeping out migrants and asylum seekers on the southern border.

By forcing through this piece of legislation, Graham is making it clear that his intentions are entirely racist. It comes shortly after the revelation that the Trump administration continued to separate families long after Trump announced that they would stop doing it. Graham’s entire purpose is to let the administration get away with it as long as they can.

Doctors have also called on Congress to investigate the possibility of outbreaks at the border detention centers, fearing that preventable diseases like the flu could cause deaths. Of course, Republicans have already blocked common sense regulations for the detention facilities, showing they have no interest in preventing a bad situation from getting considerably worse.

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