Lindsey Graham: lock him up!

– Former White House ethics czar Richard Painter is calling for a full criminal investigation into Lindsey Graham’s election tampering. We agree 100%.

– MSNBC pundits have gone from insisting Trump will run in 2024, to now insisting that Trump is a lock to be the republican nominee in 2024. MSNBC is still conveniently ignoring the fact that he’ll obviously be in prison by then. What the heck? This is starting to become pure fiction.

– Speaking of fiction, President-elect Biden appeared on NBC tonight and stated that he’s open to putting Warren and Sanders in his cabinet, though he’s concerned about the Senate. Five minutes later, NBC falsely claimed that Biden said he was against the idea of putting Warren and Sanders in his cabinet, and suggested it would lead to backlash from progressives. Where do they get this nonsense? Biden is obviously working this out with Warren and Sanders to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. There’s no controversy here. Come on, mainstream media, do better. Please.

– After Amy Siskind tweeted that President-elect Biden’s cabinet rollout felt like a “new upbeat season of the West Wing,” Biden’s White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain tweeted the fictional President Bartlet’s famous line, “What’s next?” Perfect.

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