Lindsey Graham just got steamrolled

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham was friends with Joe Biden for years, and often spoke highly of Biden, until Graham fell under the influence of corrupt maniac Donald Trump. Ever since, Graham has been behaving like even more of a maniac than Trump.

For instance, Lindsey Graham has been spearheading a sham investigation into an imaginary “Hunter Biden” scandal that isn’t even real, and wouldn’t involve Joe Biden even if it were real. It’s just one of the ways in in which Graham has completely destroyed his legacy, reputation, and soul.

That made it all the more asinine when Graham tweeted this last night, even while leading a sham investigation into Jill Biden’s family: “Tonight, Jill Biden did a very good job representing herself and Joe in the causes they believe in. She’s an outstanding person who has led a consequential life.”


Fortunately, Congressman Eric Swalwell was around to steamroll Lindsey Graham for his thuggishness. Swalwell posted a tweet which quoted Graham’s asinine words, and mockingly put these additional words in Graham’s mouth: “But I am morally bankrupt and will continue my Russia-backed investigation in the morning.”

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