Lindsey Graham has complete meltdown on live television

Who’s going to be the one to tell Lindsey Graham that it’s over? Now that impeachment testimony transcripts have been publicly released that incriminate Donald Trump ten times over, Graham still doesn’t seem to get that Trump is going down. Instead, Graham is vowing not to even bother reading the transcripts, because, well who knows? Now Lindsey is taking things even further in a deranged direction.

Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News today and accused U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland of conspiring with “Democratic operatives” against Donald Trump. No really, this is what Graham said. He’s accusing Sondland – a huge Trump fan who donated a million dollars to Trump’s inaugural fund – of being part of a lunatic conspiracy against Trump.

This is the kind of maniacal horse crap that’s too far out there even for Fox News. Yet Lindsey Graham doesn’t appear to be trying to convince Fox viewers that Donald Trump’s donor Gordon Sondland is part of a Democratic conspiracy against Donald Trump; Lindsey is trying to convince himself of this. You would too, if you put down all your chips on Trump, and then Trump completely imploded in a way that’s left your reputation and career in tatters.

The question of course is how much further off the lunatic deep end Lindsey Graham is going to go in the coming days. We’re now exactly one week away from live televised impeachment hearings that’ll further shatter Donald Trump’s presidency. Graham seems fully incapable of distancing himself from Trump – either due to psychological defect or whatever Trump is holding over him. It’s only going to get worse for them both.

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