Lindsey Graham has a whole new problem tonight

Over the past week Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has begun freaking out in public about how badly he’s getting out-fundraised in his reelection bid. This has been for good reason: Graham is tied in the polls with Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison, and he lacks the funds to try to advertise his way into the lead. Now it’s gotten even uglier for him.

Sensing blood in the water, the main Democratic Senate super PAC is now throwing its weight and money behind Jaime Harrison. The individual donations pouring into Harrison’s campaign from around the country have been based largely on the belief that Graham should lose and Harrison should win. But a major super PAC only gets involved if it believes Graham can lose and Harrison can win.

So the mere fact that the super PAC has entered this contest is a sign that, yes, Lindsey Graham really does have a good shot of losing the race. And the arrival of the super PAC money serves to make it even more likely that Graham will in fact lose. Meanwhile, Graham is reduced to calling in to Fox News every few hours and begging for money for his seemingly broke campaign. That’s what Graham gets for having aligned himself so thoroughly with the toxically unpopular criminal Donald Trump.

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