Lev Parnas just threw the book at Donald Trump

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The Republican Senate decided last night that it wasn’t willing to call any witnesses in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, and made it official with a vote this evening. The GOP has made its choice to marry itself to Trump’s crimes heading into 2020, and so be it. The danger for the GOP is that Trump’s scandals are going to get much worse before the election.

Ukraine scandal figure Lev Parnas, who offered to testify during the Senate impeachment trial but was rebuffed, appeared on MSBC tonight with host Ari Melber. Parnas expanded on yesterday’s revelation that nearly everyone in the upper ranks of the Trump regime was in on Donald Trump’s extortion scheme. Parnas also added that he thinks Bill Barr initially thought John Bolton was willing to go along with the scheme, before finding out the hard way that Bolton wanted nothing to do with it.

Lev Parnas stressed that he can’t wait for John Bolton’s book to become public, because Bolton saw a lot of the things that Lev saw, and Lev fully expects Bolton’s book to be devastating to Donald Trump. If Bolton and Parnas end up corroborating each other’s claims about Trump, that’ll count for a lot, as the two men were not allies, and were not even interacting with each other during the scandal. They each simply happened to see the same thing.


Despite all his current foot stomping, Donald Trump can’t magically block John Bolton’s book from being released. Instead, thanks partly to Trump’s whining about the book, it’s already become a #1 bestseller on Amazon while still in the preorder stage.

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