Let’s get to the fun part of this already

– Who else is ready to move on from the part where Donald Trump keeps losing in court over his election battles, and get to the part where Trump keeps losing in court over the criminal cases and asset forfeiture hearings against him? That’s when the fun will begin. Well, not for him.

– It was just a formality at this point, but California finally certified its results this evening, confirming that Joe Biden won the state in a landslide. If Trump is going to keep dragging this out, the least we can do is rub it in his face each time he loses the election yet again.


– Tweet of the day, from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris: “Even before COVID-19 hit the United States, too many Americans across our country were struggling to make ends meet. Joe Biden and I committed to building back better for our workers with higher wages, stronger benefits, and fair and safe workplaces.”

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