Let it go

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Stop, please. Stop worrying about Donald Trump. Palmer Report has written a lot about the insurrectionist. We were one of the only media organizations to confidently predict Attorney General Merrick Garland was investigating Trump. And we turned out to be right.

So believe us when we tell you that Donald Trump isn’t going to ever be President again. I bring this up because I see worry all over the place. And it’s so important to be focused on the midterms right now. But also, I bring it up because in the case of Trump ever getting into power again — it’s over. It is simply not happening.

It’s easy for people to get swallowed up in the darkness of fear and worry — the darkness that often settles right before Dawn. Maybe it is a fear — a fear of letting the light of dawn in only to be disappointed. And this country indeed has serious issues. But Donald Trump attaining power again is not one of them.

We are on the precipice of so much. We’re on the precipice of the morning’s light — the glow of victory — the Dawn’s calling. Often one has to actively combat the darkness before Dawn. It’s not our friend but is often there, working its way into our collective consciousness, eager to snatch hope from us.

We can’t let it.

Consider these wise words from the Lincoln Project on Twitter: “Donald Trump may be plotting a lot of things but according to @MichaelCohen212, a presidential run in 2024 ‘is not one of them.'”

It’s true. Cohen hasn’t been wrong once regarding Trump. He knows him like no other. Trump is done. Awash in his own darkness, but his will not leave at the crack of dawn. It is going to remain with him because it has nowhere to go. So let go of the darkness and embrace the dawn — the dawn of victory for the Democrats and freedom.

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