Donald Trump lays an egg

If he’s speaking, he’s lying. Today, as Donald Trump addressed the United Nations, he started off with a lie, added another lie, and then continued with a hostile isolationist speech. His first comments stated that his administration has accomplished more than nearly any administration in history. HISTORY. He did not just refer to the past administration, or the 21st Century, he referred to all of history.

As the room filled with laughter, Trump had to pause his 2nd grade level reading of the prepared script to express his surprise at the response. Somehow, he missed the fact that the world will not give him the same reaction that he craves at his rallies. He refers to the supposed return of steel manufacturing, while using national security as a justification for his tariffs against our closest ally and supporter to the north, Canada. Why are we at war with Canada?

In spite of all of Trump’s own crap being manufactured overseas, he spoke of the loss of American factories due to all of the products manufactured in China, as well as the trade deficit. He praised Kim Jung Un, and made false claims about the supposed progress the two have made. While missile testing has in fact ceased, it is yet to be determined if that is a good thing for the neighbors of North Korea, or even if Trump understands the purpose of those military exercises. In addition, under Trump’s nose, North Korea has continued to increase their nuclear arsenal.

Consistent with his love of dictators, Donald Trump also stated that the UN Human Rights Council was a “grave embarrassment” and that the US would not recognize the International Criminal Court. Human Rights Watch has referred to his statements as “music to the ears of tyrants and war criminals.” Once again, Trump stood up on an international stage, and made many Americans a bit embarrassed, longing for a time before 2016.