Donald Trump’s latest attempted coup against the United States

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America continues to follow the virtues of our Founding Fathers, despite the steps that Donald Trump takes to turn America into a kleptocracy that allows himself and his family to steal all the wealth from our nation. While the constitution clearly states the Emoluments Clause does not allow Trump, or his family, to profit from the office through selling out to foreign countries, we continue to observe foreign adversaries pumping money into the pockets of the Trump family while seeking favor from the United States government.

If America is to survive for longer than the 243 years we’ve made it so far, we must insist that individuals follow the laws that allowed us to make it this far. One of the reasons that individuals originally chose to come to America was for religious freedom. William Penn, someone who risked life and limb to travel from England to America in an effort to establish Pennsylvania, came to America to escape religious persecution in order to allow his fellow Quakers to establish a land of religious equality.

According to Trump’s first illegitimate confirmation onto the Supreme Court, Justice Neil Gorsuch is now saying that America should be allowed to have an official religion. Despite one of the main reasons for the creation of America, apparently some individuals now believe that God spoke to them as a reason to destroy this country.

While we have gone decades without having to deal with such outrageous claims, it appears that we are now in the midst of an attempted coup. As Trump appointees become more prevalent, regardless of their level of power, we must continue to be even more vigilant against any further usurpations of power.

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