Donald Trump’s last hurrah

Donald Trump certainly isn’t done with his antics, stunts, press conferences, idiot rallies, and malarkey. But with just a dozen days left until election day, tonight’s debate will be Trump’s last best shot at reaching a large audience of voters across the nation. This is, so to speak, Trump’s last big hurrah this election cycle.

Trump is down roughly ten points in the national polls with a dozen days to go. It’s not over, but it’s almost over for him. Any sensible candidate would either use tonight to try to aggressively take things in a new direction in the hope of winning over additional voters, or to simply try to go out in respectable fashion. But Trump is far from sensible; in fact he’s the opposite.

So here comes Donald Trump at his most desperate and frantic. He has to decisively win tonight’s debate in order to gain any meaningful traction at all coming out of it, and he knows it. This comes at a time when Trump has been acting more unhinged than ever, and seemingly more tired than ever.


Tonight is likely going to be ugly all around. Donald Trump is clinically incapable of going out in respectable fashion, and even if he were, he can’t afford to just give up because he’s earmarked for prison if he loses the election. Trump will try to go out with a bang tonight, but he could end up going out with a whimper anyway.

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