Donald Trump’s disastrous Labor Day press conference just gave something away

If you’re an incumbent President who’s a stagnant eight points behind in the polling averages and you’re so close to Election Day that early voting is already underway in some states, you’d better do something to turn things around. If you’re Donald Trump, that means calling an intrusive press conference at one in the afternoon on the Labor Day holiday.

Trump’s decision to call a press conference today gave away the sheer desperation he’s feeling as everything goes wrong for him. But that’s not the big reveal here. Trump really gave away the game when he stepped to the podium with absolutely nothing up his sleeve.

The point of creating a distraction is that you need to have something to distract people with. Trump didn’t get up there with some major new faux-bombshell to try to turn reporters’ heads away from the real story. He just got up there and babbled, saying a whole lot of nothing, while sniffing a lot, and failing to goad a reporter into removing his mask. It was a whole lot of nothing.

What Donald Trump gave away today is that not only is he panicking, he’s got nothing up his sleeve. Panic mode usually involves throwing everything at the wall and hoping something will stick. Once you’re reduced to just babbling, you’ve moved past panic mode into a losing posture.

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