Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are pulling some new crap

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It was the high-five seen around the world. It was the queen of insincerity, Arizona Senator Kyrtsen Sinema, once again demonstrating what a vile person she is. Curtsies, smirks and now a high-five — for not doing the work for the American people.

It happened at the world economic forum, a place where the wealthy go to congregate, and of course, we know that Sinema is in her element when she is surrounded by the wealthy. These were the ultimate in high net worth individuals. So it stands to reason that Sinema would want to impress them with yet another game of “I’m doing nothing for the American people.”

This event was held in Davos, Switzerland. And Sinema, calling Kevin McCarthy her “dear friend,” proceeded to rip into democrats for daring to call for filibuster reform. Sinema said that the democrats wanting to do this is “not healthy for the American people.” She then proceeded to toot her own horn as she waxed poetic about how she and senator Manchin were saving democracy. And then the high-five with Manchin came.

It is a bit sickening, is it not? Sinema does appear to love herself dearly. While high self-esteem is valued, arrogance is not. I do not see how Sinema can possibly launch a run in 2024 and expect to win or even get closer to winning. And yet she might because she seems to suffer from the same arrogance Donald Trump does.

Senator Sinema does not appear to believe she can ever be wrong, and she also appears to truly believe she is the keeper of sanity. I’d call more a keeper of money — big money — lots of money — given to her by wealthy donors. I truly hope this awful woman realizes she has no chance of ever winning elected office as a senator again.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!