Donald Trump’s kompromat

Donald Trump said during a press conference awhile back that he has compromising information on certain Senators, saying that he’s seen one in particular with “that person in very bad situations.” He said the US Senator was “on the other side,’ which means they are Democrat, but we know he really threw this out to warn his Republican sycophants to stay in line.

The fact that Trump’s compadres have stuck with him through an impeachment, lousy polling numbers, a looming tax scandal, and Trump’s love affair with Putin at the expense of our soldiers’ lives, shows how bad the kompromat must be on these people. But now, with the fallout of COVID-19, there is definitely a seismic shift.

Most people have an opinion on politics, yet, in truth, they don’t see its direct impact on their lives. But COVID-19 changes all of that. Now folks are being forced to choose between listening to health officials who claim opening the schools is a bad idea, or following their MAGAt idol Trump over the cliff, their children’s hands in tow. What we believe just happened is the Republicans around Trump are feeling the coronavirus heat and Trump’s warning them not to break ranks. But these kinds of fractures don’t heal, they widen. The ones who are least compromised will be the first to run and save themselves and the vestiges of their career. And once they start cracking, there goes the whole ship.


We can speculate which person Trump was talking about, but in the end, if it’s not Biden – politically speaking, who cares? If a Senator is compromised and needs jail time, let the cards fall where they may, Democrat or Republican. But if they are all on the take, such as with the Russian funding of the Republican Party, Trump is going to have to keep them in line. As Paul Ryan said, “No leaks … This is how we know we’re a real family here.” Trump is firing a shot over the Republican bow. We’ll see who flies the white flag first.

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