Here’s how I know Donald Trump is going down

There’s a British politician named Nigel Farage who’s clearly a Russian asset. He helped engineer the illegitimate Brexit vote that Putin wanted so badly, he’s been caught conspiring with Julian Assange, and more. Yesterday, after Britain came closer to canceling Brexit, Farage began privately begging European Union nations to kick Britain out – and he got caught in the act. He’s toast now.

It got me thinking about how I know Donald Trump is going down. You see, Nigel Farage is the Donald Trump of Great Britain. He’s a Kremlin controlled ringer whose only job is to weaken his nation as thoroughly as possible from within, while keeping just enough racists happy to retain a slight grip on power. Farage is roughly as whacked out as Trump is, but even Farage had to have known that asking the EU to kick Britain out was the kind of step that could put him on an inevitable path to his downfall. The thing is, though, Farage didn’t have a choice.

The thing about compromised middlemen like Trump and Farage is that they don’t get to decide what their own actions are going to be; their puppet master does. That means even if they want to pull back from a particularly risky ploy, they have to go through with it if it’s what Putin wants. They can’t take steps to protect themselves, which is why they always end up going down in the end.

The only two questions are how much damage they’ll manage to do before their downfall, and whether or not their puppet master goes down with them. The puppet master gets to control his own actions, so he’s in a far better position to protect himself. Then again, Vladimir Putin is rather beholden to his puppet master oligarchs, so we’ll see if he survives. But Donald Trump and Nigel Farage are going to prison. In hindsight, they never stood a chance.

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