Now we know why Donald Trump melted down so badly this morning

This morning, after having been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter for several days, Donald Trump let loose in a manner which was brazen and unhinged even by his lack of standards. Trump committed multiple obstruction and tampering felonies. He attacked Michael Cohen’s family. It was jarring, in an era where we didn’t think anything could be jarring anymore. Tonight, we have a sense of why Trump completely lost it.

Robert Mueller revealed to the media this evening that when he files his sentencing memo on Friday, cataloguing what all Paul Manafort was lying to him about, and he’s going to release it publicly. That means we’re just four days from Manafort’s Trump-related crimes and lies becoming public knowledge. But there’s more.

Mueller is filing his Michael Flynn sentencing memo tomorrow, and there is every reason to expect that it will publicly expose Flynn’s Trump-related crimes as well, as NBC News is reporting that the Flynn filing will be public. In addition, Mueller is filing his Michael Cohen sentencing memo on Friday, and we’ve already seen Mueller begin airing Cohen’s Trump-related crimes in the public forum.

It’s not difficult to parse what Robert Mueller is doing here. He’s going to publicly expose Donald Trump’s guilt in one court proceeding after another, in rapid fashion, in order to convince America that this guy needs to be ousted for his crimes. Then, after softening up the ground, we’ll see Mueller make his endgame move to take Trump down.

Donald Trump must have gotten word last night or this morning, whether it be through his co-conspirator Paul Manafort or his plant Matthew Whitaker or some other channel, that Robert Mueller is about to begin rapidly dropping one hammer after another. No wonder Trump went bonkers and went for broke on Twitter this morning; he’s out of time.