Key former Donald Trump ally decides to cooperate with January 6th Committee

As we’ve been fond of pointing out, the January 6th Committee doesn’t need every witness to cooperate; it merely needs the cooperation of a handful of witnesses in key positions. To that end, the evidence already unveiled by the committee makes clear that it has in fact secured the cooperation of a number of Trump White House insiders โ€“ but who are they?

Now we know the identity of at least one of them. Stephanie Grisham never once held a press conference while she was the Trump White House Press Secretary, but she’s talking now. According to CNN, Grisham โ€“ who resigned on January 6th and recently came out publicly against the Trump regime โ€“ is testifying to the committee today. As far as her level of cooperation, it turns out she’s already spoken at length with committee member Jamie Raskin. In other words, she’s going to give up everything she has.


How much or little credit you want to give someone like Grisham is up to you. But the point is that the January 6th Committee has apparently secured her full cooperation, which is a big win for the committee, and a big win for democracy. And of course she’s surely far from the only cooperating inside witness the committee has lined up.

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