Kevin McCarthy’s Q-Republican Party flames out

The old joke, “You know they’re lying because their lips are moving,” is applicable to many Republicans these days. Hawley, Cruz, Boebert, McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene come to mind. The few that do speak the truth are marginalized and rarely spoken of, like Mitt Romney. Things need to change.

Ted Cruz, the lying liar who lies, is Tweeting about how the Dems are moving toward the Chinese Communist Party. Cruz knows he has a talking point here, even though it’s a proven falsehood, because savvy right wingers will latch onto it to demonize Dems and morons will repeat it in order to stoke outrage among their ilk. It’s also a nice deflection from Qanon and Jewish space lasers.

Meanwhile McCarthy went to Houston to advocate for oil and gas workers who are resisting the transition to wind and solar. Again, he’s stoking outrage where there should be none. Biden is actively planning the inevitable energy transition as we speak and he’s making sure wind and solar jobs will be plentiful.

Some are trying out the old laughable spin that the Dems are embracing communism, but some are eerily quiet. Ivanka Trump and Lara Trump, huge Tweeters, have largely gone silent since January 6th. No doubt their PR firms are telling them to stay silent in order not to further hurt their political careers. But their silence is also a lie. Lara Trump was intimately involved in the January 6th Stop the Steal and certainly Ivanka was right there by her father’s side watching the events play out in their tent.

It’s all just another lesson in judging people on their actions and not their words, or their silence. Keep reminding Republicans of this. We need a second party, but not necessarily the GOP if they don’t drain their own swamp and wake up to reality and the truth.

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