Kevin McCarthy tries to fight back – and it doesn’t go well

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Once, a long time ago, I wrote an article for Palmer Report about the hypnotized viewers of Fox non-news. In this article, I equated them with the sailors spoken about in fables gone by. It was thought in said fables that many sailors lost themselves to the enchanting songs and calls of the sirens.

And being in a hypnotic state, these sailors’ souls would be lost to the sirens as the sailors waded out into deep waters to find the source of the eerie yet beautiful whispers. Fox viewers believe. They believe, with their whole beings, in the lies the disinformation peddlers conjure up for them every night on their propaganda network.

The whispers vary from the sirens, but they are no less lethal. And I can’t tell you how many people have done irreparable harm to themselves by listening. How many people have died from Covid because Fox ridiculed the idea of wearing masks? And how many people have suffered greatly and will continue to suffer from Tucker Carlson’s sinister whispers?

Fox has enchanted many of their viewers, but it’s an evil spell they’ve woven. And Kevin McCarthy — the Speaker of the House — is complicit. He is complicit in all of it. What Kevin did by handing over to Tucker, the footage of the January 6 insurrection is more than dangerous, it’s foolhardy, and it’s deranged.

McCarthy this week attempted to defend himself to reporters. It did not go well. This is because Kevin — in a sure sign of total insanity — blamed the media themselves. And he accused the media of being “jealous” of Tucker.

He might have accused one of being jealous of a tarantula. The very idea is insane. And that is why Kevin McCarthy is complicit. He has shown that. Kevin also insisted that this was merely an “exclusive” he’d handed to Tucker.

Kevin also said he did not hear any concern from Democrats when previous footage of the insurrection was released. There is a good reason for that. That footage was scrutinized carefully in consultation with the Capitol Police. You know, the good guys. The ones who CARE about everyone’s health and safety.

And now, because of Kevin’s negligence and ACTIVE PARTICIPATION, a monster has gotten hold of this footage. It’s not just any monster — it’s the Tucker monster, the worst of the worst. And we MUST hold Kevin accountable in 2024 by taking back the House.

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