Kevin McCarthy just stepped in it

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One of our most important tasks for 2024 is to take back the House of Representatives. I believe we can do it. And we really have to. Don’t you want to see the sparkle back in the house? I know I do.

I want more than anything to see sanity restored in the house, and the only way to do that is for us to retake the majority. Since becoming House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy has behaved exactly as we knew he would. And that is — he has not accomplished one thing of value.

We did know he’d be like this. Still, it does hurt, especially after having a warrior like Nancy Pelosi, to see the house in so much chaos, run by an incompetent hand. And it’s my opinion that Kevin McCarthy has just made one of his worst moves yet. Let’s see if you feel the same!

What Kevin has done is hand over access to over 40,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage stemming from the January 6 insurrection. And he handed this access to Tucker Carlson. I cannot even find the words to describe what an idiotic move this is. But that’s Kevin for you.

The producers of Tucker’s show went to Capitol hill last week. What they’re likely doing is digging through all of this footage, trying to find something they can use for tucker’s show to cast doubt that the insurrection was an insurrection at all.

We know it was. January 6 will haunt us for eternity. The good news is that we had outstanding people in the form of our friends in blue who fought for us. And we had many Congresspeople like warrior Pelosi who stayed calm amidst mortal danger.

And someone like Tucker should not have any access to this footage. Because you know he will use it for nefarious purposes. And his cult that tunes in nightly will pretty much believe anything he says about this footage. That is why we must make taking back the house priority number one.

America just cannot be 100 percent safe with Kevin McCarthy steering the ship. He’s too murky and unpredictable, like a tropical storm, and he only looks out for himself, not the American people.

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