Kevin McCarthy just can’t help himself

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“Day after day alone on a hill, the man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.” Friends and readers, we have come face to face with the stupidest man in America, the ultimate fool on the Hill. “But nobody wants to know him; they can see that he’s just a fool.” Kevin McCarthy!

And in the spirit of fools everywhere, Kevin has responded to Trump’s tweet about being arrested next week. In an unbelievably stupid move, Kevin McCarthy actually put himself in the middle of the Trump indictment story.

“An outrageous abuse of power,” the fool said on social media, begging the question: just WHO would be stupid enough to send a tweet like that? It’s Kevin! Kevin McCarthy is a man who we always knew was stupid, but perhaps we didn’t know the DEPTH of stupidity — until now.

“Politically motivated prosecutions.” Shut up, Kevin. Kevin really needs a good lesson or two in courage. He needs a life coach, if you will, who can educate him and teach on the most basic principles of how to grow a spine.

His tweet came shortly after Speaker Marjorie Taylor Greene’s did. One wonders if she ordered him to do it. Kevin reminds me of one of those dour little people a fairy puts a curse on. Perhaps a fairy took away his spine, and that is why the man cannot show one iota of courage. Who knows. It’s possible.

On Twitter, people who DO have a spine were eager to speak out: And selecting the best was quite the challenge as there were hundreds, maybe thousands to pick from. Here are some and don’t forget to choose your favorite:

“Grow a pair, Kevin.”

“empty suit working for the man.”

“Welcome to Mini-Mac” the version of Kevin McCarthy wherein he becomes a smaller weaker version of Senator Joseph McCarthy.”

“America’s biggest coward — fact.”

“Kevin is out of touch with reality.”

“Get back in the kitchen, pumpkin.”

“His cult leader told him what to tweet.”

“You’re pathetic.”

“Ohh. Did I write it how you wanted, Donald?”

“You’re poison to this country.”

“Wetting yourself today?”

“Crime-and-disorder republicans.”

“That’s my Kevin!!”

“surprised you have cell service from inside trump’s colon.”

“Kevin’s not real. They just beam him in from another planet when Donnie needs some help.”

“shhh. We don’t want to hear from traitors this week, Kevin boy.”

“Dude, you got the job. relax.”

“do you have any idea what an idiot you sound like?”

“Remember when Kevin told the truth? No, me either.”

“wow. Can understand why nobody wanted you for speaker.”

“Scared little weasel.”


Kevin McCarthy is a bloody fool. And it seems everyone knows it.

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