Kevin McCarthy is sitting on a house of lies

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There are lots happening in the palace of lies.— also known as the House of Representatives. Kevin McCarthy wants to be speaker. To that end, he is doing everything but selling his soul to make it happen. Actually, forgive me. He is selling his soul as well.

But rumor is Kevin does not have the votes — not yet, anyway. All around the palace, there are whispers, gossip, and laughter as the court jesters dandy about breathlessly reporting the twisted happenings.

These are people who thrive, who become giddy with excitement at such events. They live for the gossip, and right now, there’s a lot of it. Some are saying they will never vote for wanna-be leader Kevin. Whispers abound all over that perhaps a queen — not a king — will be anointed.

And there is a particular lady in waiting whose name is coming up. Elise Stefanik’s name is being whispered. This is a woman with glittering ice in her blood. One could certainly see her cooly and emotionlessly pushing Kevin aside — and not even giving it a night’s thought.

“Kevin is a coward,” said Tara Setmayer, a republican strategist on MSNBC. “Right now, there’s a five-count margin of hell no.” Of course, as exiled leaders are known to do, Kevin is reviewing his troops. But there are far too little of them indeed.

Hair gel king Matt Gaetz is saying he has reached “critical mass” in having the votes to block the king from ascending his throne. At this point, it looks like Kevin might turn out not to be the king but the court jester.

But wait! Courtiers swarming about, whisper that Marjorie Taylor Greene is supporting Kevin. That counts for something, right? Perhaps, in the long run, it does. At present, our heir to the throne is lonely, cut off from his precious speakership, existing in a courtyard where betrayals and backstabbing are as common as making a cup of coffee.

And it does not help that our Kevin is being MOCKED. “No one accused him of being smart,” Morning Joe said. Everyone is laughing at the flailing chamberlain. So where will all this go? Nobody knows right now. And the House cannot conduct business, not really until they select a speaker. But the way that’s going, that task might be later rather than sooner.

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