Kevin McCarthy is riding the Titanic

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Politics is many things, often cutthroat, sometimes extremely rewarding, and never boring. But what politics usually does NOT do is offer the right people the right comeuppance. However, that might just be about to change. The political titanic (also called Kevin McCarthy) has begun to sink.

Right now, readers, McCarthy is stranded alone in the boat amid raging tidewater, no rescue in sight. It is extraordinary that things have become WORSE for McCarthy this week, but they have. And McCarthy is showing the effects of the storm.

Marooned out on his own private island of insanity, I think it is finally — FINALLY -occurring to Kev that he might lose the speakership. How do we know this? Because of his actions. (Always, always watch their actions.)

He’s not yet jumped ship. No, McCarthy is exhibiting, however, shape-shifting and crazed behavior. He is transforming right before our eyes into some sort of maniacal sea monster who is actually threatening — THREATENING other republicans with killing the bills of any republican who supports the omnibus appropriations bill.

It’s just pitiful. And it didn’t work. Do you know, friends, readers, and fellow McCarthy haters, what republicans did in response to the madman’s threat? They laughed at him.

Well, that’s one way to become a speaker — to threaten to kill the bills of the people who will be voting yes or no. Never let it be said that Kevin McCarthy isn’t a fool. And the talk is getting louder. There are many different reports of what possible outcomes will be. I know not which are true and which are not. But they all have one thing in common.

They do not end with McCarthy becoming Speaker. The rejection of McCarthy isn’t just a tiny breeze — it’s growing, the outpouring getting heavier and heavier and angrier and angrier. This wasn’t expected to happen. The tsunami was supposed to lessen, NOT amp up.

Look. The bottom line is he doesn’t have the votes. He did not have them yesterday. He is unlikely to have them tomorrow. And it is making him crazy. Things could still change. But if I were McCarthy, I’d leap off the sinking ship and swim toward safety. I suppose McCarthy can’t do that.

What does he do if he does not come speaker? Who will clap for him? Who will obey him? Who will cheer for him? If Kevin were to ask that question, the storm would, at last, be blissfully silent because the answer is absolutely no one. And as it stands now, McCarthy’s political future is poised to be known as the titanic of DC.

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