Kevin McCarthy is off the rails already

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Sometimes reality can be just too painful for people to take. I believe that is what is going on with the latest House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy, in the first few weeks on the job has been nothing less than astonishing. The man has done nothing but screw up, and it appears he is the last to know.

In a recent op-ed for the New York Post, Kevin gave himself a pat on the back — or perhaps three or four. Everything is going great, McCarthy wrote! McCarthy wrote that he was “basking in confidence” and that he and his fellow insurrectionists (my words) were hard at work busy as bees making life better for the American people.

MSNBC Blogger Steve Benen did not agree. Benen says that the new rules package approved by McCarthy actually weakens ethics rules, not strengthens them. He also said that republicans had had a disastrous start by focusing on new abortion restrictions and defending Donald trump on his classified documents scandal while lashing out at Joe Biden.

And I agree with all of this. The GOP has shown in the few short weeks they’ve had the house that all they plan to do is launch phony investigations into phony scandals. McCarthy has been busy defending liar George Santos, insurrectionist Donald trump, and human basket case Marjorie Taylor Greene. He has not done one damn thing for the American people.

He can write fake op-eds all he wants, filled with fake enthusiasm, but he cannot hide from the truth, and the truth is that he sucks. The fact that McCarthy actually gave George Santos committee assignments will come back to bite him. So will lots of other things. Right now, the republican caucus is in shambles as everybody is fighting with everybody else and peace in the house seems a distant memory.

Perhaps Kevin is so deluded that he really thinks that he is “helping” the American people. But given the popularity — or lack thereof — of the GOP right now, Kevin is going to find out that all the titles in the world cannot help him unless he actually does the work. And right now, that seems the last thing he plans to do.

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