Kevin McCarthy is already falling to pieces

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Kevin McCarthy can’t do anything right. You’ve perhaps known in your lifetime, someone or several people like McCarthy. They’re thin-skinned, they wear capes of cowardice, and they care about nothing except moving up the ladder, metaphorically speaking. They crave power, and they will do anything to get it.

So let’s talk about Kevin and his latest bizarre and unintentionally hilarious statement. The setting was Fox News, of course. I hope there were refreshments in the greenroom because Kevin had a bad time on the non-news station. One would hope at least he got some good food out of it.

The interviewer was conservative Mark Levin. If you know Levin at all, you know he likely has never smiled in his life. Mark Levin gives new meaning to the word grumpy. I am not convinced he and the Grinch that stole Christmas aren’t best friends.

Levin was asking McCarthy about George Santos, which is obviously not Kevin’s favorite topic because Kevin refuses to do one thing about Santos and his lies. So Levin asked him this question — and it was a stupid one: “Who has more power, Joe Biden or George Santos?”

I marvel at the fact that people actually tune in to WATCH this stuff. McCarthy’s response is one for the ages because it was worse than even I could have foreseen. First, McCarthy burst into (rather hysterical) laughter. One imagines the non-speaker may have been a bit giggly because he was nervous. Then he said this: “Well, right now, I think it’s president Joe Biden.”

Very good, Kev! See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Apparently, it was. Because – as you might have begun to suspect — Kevin then proceeded to screw up his answer. Wouldn’t you just know it? Let’s go back to Kevin’s original answer.

“Well, right now, I think it is president Joe Biden.”


Unfortunately? I can hear the bells of miserable failure ringing all across the lands. Now this throw-away comment was said under his breath, only it came through loud and clear on our television sets. Perhaps Kevin did not mean it to. After all — he had just declared that pathological liar Santos should be, in Kevin’s opinion more powerful than the President.

On Twitter, the word “unfortunately” started lighting up the site. Twitter could not believe it. And this is a group of people who have seen it ALL.

“Unfortunately?” thousands of bewildered tweeters asked. Wait now! Hold up! He couldn’t — Kevin just couldn’t have said this. It has to be a joke, right? The answer to that question is no; it is not a joke. Meet the republican speaker of the house — unfortunately.

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