Kevin McCarthy can’t keep his lunch down

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If I gave a title to Kevin McCarthy’s life right now, I think I’d call it “The Curse of Kevin McCarthy.” It has a certain fairy-tale quality, don’t you think? A very dark fairy tale. And this is exactly what I think about when I think about Kevin. For some reason, Kevin makes me think of Gnomes, wicked little dolls, jolly monsters hiding under the bed, sorcerers, curses, and madness.

Perhaps those thoughts come because Kevin is living in a very dark, very scary ( for him) real-life puppet show, a farce if you will, that can also be seen as a cautionary — VERY cautionary tale.

Reports are that Kevin’s speakership is falling apart. The man can’t earn trust, and there is chaos in the house. Chaos. That’s the curse of McCarthy. Because we all knew that as soon as he assumed the leadership role, there’d be nothing but chaos.

Kevin, you see, isn’t REALLY the speaker. In the spirit of dark fables, he has had a spell put on him, and that spell says to follow. So he is following the REAL Speakers, one of them being Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Only it isn’t working out. Reportedly, McCarthy has been using other members to point at when things go wrong. He’s blaming others, including majority leader Steve Scalise who just a few short months ago was an ally.

But that’s what happens to people like Kevin. They can never keep friends and allies for long. According to numerous reports, other House members are getting fed up with all the drama and all the chaos, and Kevin is pointing at others to blame without taking any responsibility himself.

Reportedly, Kevin called Scalise “ineffective” and called another Republican” incompetent.” Not exactly the way to make friends. One Republican who spoke to Axios had this to say: “The members I’ve spoken with are just stunned by the rebuking of his budget chair and certainly of our leadership. I can’t imagine he will last an entire term.”

Ah, Kevin, If ever there was a man who was primed and ready to be corrupted, it’s you. And if there ever was a man to completely blow it, that is also Kevin. The curse of Kevin McCarthy will not end until he loses power. But it looks, based on all these recent events, that this may happen sooner rather than later.

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