Supreme Court’s Anthony Kennedy gets swallowed up by Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Just days after Donald Trump took office, regulators in the U.S. and UK busted Deutsche Bank for having laundered ten billion dollars of Russian money into the hands of clients in cities like Donald Trump’s hometown of New York. Placed in the context of the inexplicably large loans that Deutsche Bank was making to Trump during this same timeframe, Palmer Report pointed out that it was painfully obvious how the Kremlin was funneling money to Trump. However the mainstream media never was willing to connect these dots. Now the scandal has expanded to include a Supreme Court Justice.

This week Anthony Kennedy shocked everyone by announcing that he was abruptly resigning from the Supreme Court, after it had already been widely reported that he’d gone so far has to pick his clerks for the upcoming sessions. This handed Donald Trump the opportunity to pick one of the judges who will ultimately decide his fate, once he begins making desperate and unconstitutional last ditch moves such as trying to pardon himself. Now it turns out it’s a very short and straight line from Kennedy to the Trump-Russia money trail to Donald Trump.

Anthony Kennedy’s son Justin Kennedy was a Deutsche Bank executive during the period of time in which the bank was floating suspicious loans to Donald Trump, even after he’d become such a poor credit risk that no other major bank would touch him. He wasn’t just any executive, either. The New York Times reports” that the younger Kennedy “worked closely with Mr. Trump when he was a real estate developer.”

So a Supreme Court Justice’s son used his position at a major bank to steer absurdly inappropriate loans to Donald Trump, at the same time that bank just happened to be laundering billions of dollars of Russian money into clients in the city where Trump lived, even as Russia was working to get Trump elected President, and now that Justice is stepping down at just the right time to help Trump. Either this is the grandest coincidence of all time, or a United States Supreme Court Justice has been a part of the Trump-Russia plot all along. Take your pick, but this isn’t some idle conspiracy theory. Kennedy and his son look guilty as hell, and that’s grounds for a criminal investigation.

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