Nancy Pelosi sticks it to Kellyanne Conway

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi played Donald Trump so throughly this morning, the end result was Trump ranting incoherently on the White House lawn, and unwittingly making the case to the public that he needs to be removed from office. But it turns out Donald Trump wasn’t the only White House figure who got slam dunked on by Pelosi today.

By now you’ve surely heard the widespread reporting that Donald Trump stormed into this morning’s scheduled infrastructure meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, yelled around for a few minutes, and stormed out before his Rose Garden meltdown. But new details are surfacing which reveal just how poorly this whole thing went for Team Trump behind the scenes.

After Donald Trump stormed out of the infrastructure meeting, Kellyanne Conway of all people attempted to take over the meeting. She asked Nancy Pelosi if she had anything to say about Trump’s performance. According to the Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey, Pelosi said “I’ll respond to the president, not staff.” Kellyanne ended up blurting out the nonsensical retort “Wow, that’s really pro-woman of you.”

So what’s the upshot here? Whatever Donald Trump was trying to accomplish this morning, it had the opposite effect. He ended up humiliating himself in front of the television cameras with a tantrum that made him look totally unfit for office, completely uninterested in governing, and plainly guilty of a criminal coverup – and his staff was left babbling in response.

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