The real reason Kellyanne Conway’s husband is suddenly attacking Donald Trump

As numerous White House senior advisers have recently resigned or been fired, Kellyanne Conway has been more quiet than usual. That’s led some to suspect that she’s merely trying to survive Donald Trump’s current purge. But lately Conway’s husband has been doing plenty of talking, much of it about Trump, and all of it negative. We suspect we know why Mr. Conway is publicly lashing out at Trump, even as Mrs. Conway lays low.

Not only has George Conway been taking a negative approach to Donald Trump on Twitter of late, it’s been so negative that he sounds like a member of the Resistance. Ashley Feinberg of the Huffington Post is the one who put together George’s recent string of negative tweets and retweets about Trump, which when viewed as a whole, are quite compelling. It’s not that he’s saying anything we don’t already know about Trump; the story here is that he’s saying it. So why is he saying it?

Palmer Report can’t help but notice that George Conway’s public attacks on Donald Trump began just days after Cambridge Analytica was outed as having stolen Facebook user data, having secretly met with the Russians, and having discussed bribery and blackmail tactics for winning elections. As it turns out, Kellyanne and George Conway have connections to Cambridge Analytica. In fact their polling company appears to have done work for Cambridge Analytica, and both companies are closely tied to billionaire backers the Mercers.

So what does this mean? We don’t know yet. The Cambridge Analytica scandal is still unfolding in real time, and thus far there has been no indication that Kellyanne and George Conway were participants in Cambridge Analytica’s criminal election cheating antics. But it can’t be overlooked that, just as Cambridge Analytica has begun going down in flames, George Conway is suddenly going hard – almost obsessively hard – after Donald Trump for all to see. One theory could be that Kellyanne is planning to cooperate with Robert Mueller to protect herself from the Cambridge Analytica fallout, which would mean the imminent end of her White House job, which would leave George with no reason not to go after Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report