Kellyanne Conway circles the drain

Yesterday, several politicians managed to get inside one of Donald Trump’s immigrant concentration camps, and some of them publicly shared their findings: the conditions inside the camps are utterly abominable and not compatible with human life. Trump is still largely pretending his camps don’t exist, but Kellyanne Conway decided to try to defend the camps today by lying about them. Suffice it to say that it didn’t go particularly well for her.

One of the politicians who exposed the horrid conditions in Trump’s concentration camps yesterday was Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who revealed that some of the immigrants were being forced to drink toilet water. Kellyanne Conway tried to push back against this by simply announcing that AOC is lying. This is remarkable, considering that AOC has no track record of lying, while Kellyanne has a consistent track record of constantly lying.

This prompted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to fire back in fierce fashion: “How many migrant women has Kellyanne Conway touched? Hugged? Sat on a concrete floor with? Actually listened to? The answer is none. Her actions show she doesn’t believe all human beings are worthy of basic dignity. That‘s why she defends & muddies the clear and indefensible.”

This all came even as the Homeland Security Inspector General publicly confirmed today that the conditions inside Donald Trump’s immigrant camps are indeed nightmarish. The IG found that the camps suffer from serious overcrowding, not enough food to feed everyone, and detainees begging not to be taken back to their inhumane cells. In other words, Trump is indeed running hellish concentration camps, and Kellyanne Conway is doing the devil’s work by lying about it all.

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