Kayleigh McEnany runs and hides

Over the weekend it was reported that Donald Trump is now pissed off at Kayleigh McEnany, because even though she was willing to lie for him throughout his attempt at overthrowing the election, she hasn’t been willing to defend him in the wake of his Capitol terrorist attack. Now it turns out Kayleigh is running for the hills.

Now Kayleigh McEnany is “finished” at the White House as of yesterday, according to the New York Times. She hasn’t resigned or anything, she’s just not planning to show up for work this upcoming week. No reason has been given, but we suspect it has something to do with the fact that Trump is now blaming her for his downfall.

And so yet another of Donald Trump’s henchmen is facing a disastrous end. Kayleigh McEnany destroyed her future employability by leading the charge in pushing Trump’s deranged lies about the election result. Now she’s on the outs with him anyway. She’s getting the worst ending possible, and she deserves it.

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