Karl Rove sounds the alarm as Republican Party circles the drain

After seeing the GOP go from almost total government control with sizable locks on the House, Senate and even a majority of state legislatures to losing Congress and the White House in just four short years, longtime Republican strategist Karl Rove is sounding the alarm, calling on the GOP to renounce Proud Boys, militias and QAnon – or, just about everything they’ve been associated with in the Trump era, if they want to have any chance of success in the 2022 midterms.

The fact that Rove wasn’t saying this before the 2020 election took place basically tells you that everything you ever thought about him in the past was accurate – he’s all about the optics and salvaging any chance of them winning elections in the future, while hoping that his own toxic legacy in Republican politics and its role of getting us where we are today will be overlooked.

He might have a whole other problem too – that his warning is coming far too late, after the GOP has found a new and unlikely coalition of voters, particularly people who feel like the party of Mitch McConnell et al cheated them out of another term of Donald Trump. Looking at Rand Paul’s most recent tirade about President Biden’s inaugural address, and it seems like not only are there still a number of fringe voters the GOP needs to win elections, there are still politicians desperately looking to win them over. The only thing Rove’s new Wall St. Journal op-ed is good for is proof that if Democrats continue to force Republicans to take a stand on QAnon and white supremacists, it’ll be that much harder for them to win elections going forward.

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