Donald Trump’s attack on Karl Rove proves Trump is finished

Donald Trump released a lengthy, whiny, and lie-filled statement tonight. For the sake of integrity, we’re not going to post it here. But there is one detail worth knowing about: the entire rant was aimed squarely at Karl Rove.

Trump is now in a position where he has limited remaining bandwidth. He no longer has access to any social media, and he knows that he can only get the mainstream media to regurgitate his statements if he only releases them on occasion. Yet tonight Trump decided to use up his space on the bingo card by viciously and angrily attacking Rove, a Republican Party behemoth.

There’s a pattern here. Trump’s last major outburst had him attacking a number of Republican Senators. His outburst before that was squarely aimed at Mitch McConnell. Trump is now limited to attacking his fellow Republicans.


Trump is the kind of sociopath who is going to attack whoever he can. The fact that he’s now reduced to solely attacking his fellow Republicans is a dead giveaway that his reach no longer extends beyond the bounds of his own party. If he were to attack the Democrats, or President Biden, or the media, everyone would just shrug it off. So now Trump is reduced to taking arms-length pot shots at those standing closest to him. It’s the surest sign yet that he’s finished.

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